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Computerization in HRTC was started in the year of 1994 by installing one Server (486 EISA Machine) along with five terminals at Head Office. At present the computerization in HRTC has spread at various levels.

At the Corporate level the following activities have been computerized:-

  • Monthly Review Data & its Analysis
  • Route-wise Information
  • Vehicle-wise Information
  • GPF/CPF Computerization
  • Limit Issue to the Depots
  • Payroll
  • Daily Monitoring System

At the Depot level the following activities have been computerized:-

  • Route-wise Information
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Store Inventory
  • Payroll
  • Issue of Concessional Passes
  • Advance Reservation


With a view to bring transparency, competitive environment E-tendering system was adopted in the Corporation w.e.f. July, 2007. We are the first Organization in the State who has adopted this system. Due to increase in competition, the cost of some items has decreased.

Internet on-line booking

The Corporation has adopted on-line internet booking system for AC buses w.e.f. June, 2007. We are the second Transport Undertaking in the Country who is providing such type of facility to the passengers in the country.

Introduction of Electronic Ticketing machines

The Corporation has deployed more than 3700 Electronic Bus Ticketing Machines. After introduction of ETM, the work of evaluation of denomination tickets have been finished. The cash calculation is being done on computer by directly connecting the machines with computer.